Daily Create #25

#tdc1567 It’s My Birthday? I’ve Lost My Head? #shakespeare40

Scientists have scanned Shakespeare’s grave and determined that his head is likely missing!

Your mission – show us where Shakespeare’s head is!


BTW this is Sam Winchester holding Shakespeare’s skull… 🙂


The end of an era #DigLit



The False Mirror, Rene Magritte

As I think back over my independent learning project I honestly took a different direction then I thought I would. I wanted to study not only the art but the ideas behind Surrealist art. I ended up just studying different surrealist artists. However through them I was able to follow the timeline of Surrealism and understand their perspective of what Surrealism was to them.

Some weeks were harder than others. I find that I enjoyed studying more about the artists I previous interest in, than the artists I weren’t familiar with, or had little interest in. I had meant to just study their art and then talk about it but I found myself talking more about the artists themselves and I am glad my posts took that direction. I really enjoyed learning about the artists lives and how that influenced their art. I have always been interested in history and so the temptation to talk about the artists themselves rather than their art was too much. If I had to go back and talk about the art I don’t know if I would have enjoyed it as much because while I like art and learning about it I don’t think I would make a great art critic. That being said I wouldn’t haven’t minded picking one painting and studying the context behind it. Like writing paintings can be a window into a person’s soul.

My favorite part about ILP was the art. I love looking at Surrealist art because it feels like I am in a dream. I have always had a fascination with dreams and in another life I would have liked to study people’s dreams and why people dream what they dream. The thought that these paintings are supposed to come from one’s subconscious is fascinating. I will say for Magritte he saw Surrealism as more of a style of painting than a dream state but even so his paintings have an eerie feel about them. Painting was not the only form Surrealism took, there is poetry, writing and film but I chose to focus on paintings. I would love to explore Surrealist film because film fascinates me. I am a visual learner and really enjoy watching movies. I learn better when information is presented visually but I must admit surrealist film messes more with my head than the paintings did.

I would loved to have been art teacher except I am terrible at drawing and never had much patience for it. I would rather appreciate art than create it and that is why I would love to teach an Art History or Art Appreciation course. I want to change people’s opinion about art and show them that is something to be appreciated not laughed at because it might be a little “out there”. If I could I would just combine my two loves, literature and art. It wouldn’t be hard to do because honestly writing and painting are a way for someone to pour out their soul. I am a terrible artist however so I stick to the written word and coloring pages :).

I would love to continue learning about Surrealist art but unfortunately my summer is chock full. Weddings, camp, finally reading books I got for Christmas, and moving. I would like to move on to Surrealist film and learn about the techniques they used to create their illusions and make Surrealist film what it is. I learned a lot through my ILP but the biggest thing was that I deepened my appreciation for Surrealist art. I tend to think most art is “out there” but learning about these artists and their intentions behind their art has made me look at all art in a different light. There will always be critics (I might still be one of them) but I have learned to look at a painting not just as a painting but a window into the soul.

Daily Create #21

#tdc1563 “Oh, she doth teach the torches to burn bright!” #shakespeare400

It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night
Like a rich jewel in an Ethiope’s ear,
Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear…

This is a shoutout blog post to all the beautiful women in my life!


Me and my cousins!


My beautiful future sister in law! June 11th!


The best roomie a girl could ask for!


And to my beautiful mom whom I love so much and is the BEST mumsie in the entire world!