About Me

Most days I feel like Alice wandering through Wonderland wondering just what is going on. I have entered my junior year of college at CSC and I seriously wonder how I got here.

I am not originally from the Western Midwest rather the middle Midwest in a state closely related to the word “misery”. However I enjoyed where I was living and had my whole life planned when I unfortunately fell down a rabbit hole and found myself in Wonderland. It was tough those first two years but I eventually found a way to navigate the forests (or lack thereof) of my new Wonderland and find new things to enjoy. Snow is one of them because it snows in my Wonderland very often not like my old home of “misery”. I went to a junior college or community college (depending on your age or where you are from), got out in a year and half and found myself seeking higher education to complete my desired degree. I would like to teach high schoolers the joys and agonies of English. I would like not only to impart the wonders of English upon them but I would like to teach them that life is worth living and that dreams are worth following. I had many encouraging teachers in my public school career and the only way I can think of repaying them is by becoming them.

I am a huge fan of Doctor Who, Supernatural, NCIS, Sherlock (BBC), The Walking Dead and Tom Hiddleston. I grew up watching Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. I am a vivacious reader and mostly favor British authors although I have been known to find a good American one. I have a decent personal library (current amount: 546) but sadly no bookshelves yet. I love cats and dogs though I would prefer having a pet skunk (descented of course). I am a hopeless romantic that is still looking, I would love to travel someday to visit the land of my ancestors, and I would faint if I ever got the opportunity to meet Johnny Depp in person.


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