#IMWAYR: Everless by Sara Holland


IMWAYR 2015.png


I got an ARC (advanced reader’s copy) of this book while at NCTE so technically it isn’t out yet (release date January 2018) which frustrates me because guess what…it’s part of a series. I tend to not read series for this exact reason. I hate waiting for the sequel or the third book or whatever is next to come out because by the time it does I don’t remember what I read. That being said I really liked Everless, it’s just going to be forever before I read the sequel, if I remember to.


Everless is the story of Jules. Jules is just your average girl if you count being able to stop time, being an orphan, being in love with a prince, and having weird visions as normal. Jules lives in the kingdom of Sempera where time is money and money is time. Time lenders extract time from your blood, mold it into a coin and voila! you have money. It’s actually a really cool process unless you don’t have much time and drain yourself dry and die. It’s not so fun after that.

This is what is going to happen to Jules father if she doesn’t return to the palace of Everless where they give out a month coin every week for payment. The one small problem being Jules and her father fled Everless when Jules was a child because of what she witnessed. Will Jules survive returning to Everless or will she bleed herself dry in order to save a friend?



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