Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson

I should just start another category for Graphic Novels because here is another one! I heard about this book a year ago and kept putting off reading it until I found the copy my mom had lent in my room in a box full of books. I could not put it down and honestly who wouldn’t rather read a graphic novel than A Room of One’s Own?


Astrid and Nicole have been friends forever but when Astrid signs up for Roller Derby Camp and Nicole signs up for dance camp with Astrid’s arch nemesis Astrid must learn to find her own way in the world without her best friend.  I connected a lot with Astrid because I always used to hide in the shadow of my friends and assume they would be with me all throughout life. That isn’t the case as Astrid learns as she skates into roller derby camp all by herself.

Just like everyone else Astrid wants to be the best at Roller Derby as soon as she arrives. When she finds herself skating around the edge of the rink holding onto the side, she almost gives up but when she discovers Rainbow Bite’s locker (her roller derby role model) she decides to stick around a little longer. It isn’t until Astrid takes a tumble into a bush that she is determined to stick it out and practice as hard as she can to become jammer.

This is a delightful graphic novel about growing up and finding yourself outside of your friends. It has a delightful ending and you’ll find yourself smiling the whole time you read this graphic novel.



4 thoughts on “Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson

  1. YAS, another graphic novel!! This one is definitely on my TBR list. So many books, so little time; what a great problem to have though, right?

    I actually just had a MS student talk to me today about Roller Girl. Maybe this book will be moved to the top of my TBR list. So glad you are loving all the graphic novels, Carlie!


  2. Yay! When you book talked this in class the other day I was hooked. How cool is it to write a graphic novel about roller derby? I’ve always been fascinated by it, but I never thought that a person would write a book about it! I’ll definitely have to check it out!


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