Relish: My Life in the Kitchen by Lucy Knisley

I have never read many graphic novels in my life. My friend Regan Garey (check out her blog at fortheloveofbooks767), is taking a graphic novels course this semester (how awesome is that!) and I’ve been religiously following her It’s Monday What Are You Reading to read about her latest graphic novel read.


This last week she brought Relish to our Methods class and told all of us we needed to read it. I instantly latched onto it and read it in two days! Everyone needs to read this book because not only is the artwork just beautiful the whole book is about food. Food is honestly my second favorite thing in this world and being able to read about someone’s life through their food experiences was the most fun I have had in a long time. It encourages bad habits however because after I read about Knisley’s experience in France eating McDonald’s all I wanted was a greasy BigMac and some fries dipped in ranch.

I didn’t grow up with a chef for a mom and a dad who likes fine dining but I was a picky eater. I only like certain types of food and am only adventurous in cooking/eating  when I feel like it. I’m willing to try new things once and if I like them I will eat them again but unlike Knisley I am not a huge fan of seafood.

It is such a fun book because it makes you think of food experiences you had. I remember eating outdated tv dinners with my cousin because that’s all my grandma had in the freezer. I remember eating a whole tomato one time when I was a kid and the only time I eat tomato’s now is if they are cut up in a salad or are cherry tomatoes covered in ranch.

Knisley traveled a lot as a kid and she writes about these experiences by describing the food she ate. I went to San Antonio my senior year of high school for National FCCLA and all I can remember about that trip is eating the best Mexican food I have ever had.

Relish is a memoir but it’s so much more. It’s looking back on life through a specific lens and Knisley’s is food. She associates memories with food and that’s the kind of life I attain for.




3 thoughts on “Relish: My Life in the Kitchen by Lucy Knisley

  1. I have this on my to be read list, and I’m so excited to read it. Even listening to Regan talk about it gave me ideas for writing prompts. Like what dish or food bring back the most memories for you? When you think of your favorite food what does it remind you of? I think prompts like these could be a great way to help students add sensory details into their writing. Awesome blog post! 😊


  2. You are so sweet. 🙂 I love that you enjoyed Relish as much as I did! Isn’t it amazing? The way she is able to take readers through her life and travels by using food is just fantastic. The memories it brought back while I was reading were strong; some I had even forgotten about until the exact moment I read a piece in the book. The graphics were beautiful and the story was tantalizing (literally). So glad you loved it!


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