An Open Letter to the Women Marching On Washington

Dear Women of the world,

First of all I am proud of you for taking a stand and marching. This is what America is about-standing up for what you believe and making sure people hear your voice. This country elected a racist, misogynistic, business man who has no experience in politics and rightly you are angry about it so you march to show that you don’t like your new president. I get it. You would rather see a woman in office and so would I, except I would rather it be any woman other than Hillary Clinton.

Of course I’m just a middle class white woman from the Mid-West so who really cares what I have to say. I’m not a minority nor am I poor so does my voice really count?

I was forced to make a hard decision this election year because I didn’t like either of the candidates. When I first heard Trump was running for office I thought it was a big joke. Well it wasn’t and I was left to choose between Hillary Clinton, who left American citizens to die in Benghazi, and Trump who hates Mexicans and women. I didn’t vote for Trump because I hate Hillary Clinton or I want to see America become great again, whatever that even means, I voted for Donald Trump because I would rather see him attempt to appoint conservative supreme court justices than liberal supreme court justices that might actually just ruin this country. Of course I’ll never actually know what Hillary Clinton would have done as she did not become President. The people voted and whether you like it or not that is what happened and instead of protesting your president or trolling him on Twitter (I’m talking about you Misha Collins. I forgive you though because you are allowed to troll whomever you want. It’s still a free country last time I checked, and also I secretly ship Destiel).

I think as American Citizens we should support our president. In a way this march is supporting our president because it let’s him know that American women are not going to let themselves be oppressed. They are going to fight for their rights and I think that is amazing. However and this is ultimately why I am writing this letter because I would like to address what Ashley Judd and Madonna had to say about Trump. Madonna would like to blow up the white house. Ok, I don’t think blowing up the white house will solve any issues considering the White House is a symbol of America and Trump is not the only President to occupy the white house. So what Madonna is saying is that she would like to be a terrorist, much like those terrorists during 9/11 who also wished to blow up the white house? You can choose to disagree with me on this because again this is a country with free speech is is not? Either way threatening to blow up the White House because you don’t like the current president is not an attack against the president but America itself. The British burned down the White House in the war of 1812 because they knew it would make the American people angry. But it’s ok to want to blow it up now because certain people don’t like the president?

Also, DON’T EVER COMPARE SOMEONE TO HITLER! I am ashamed to be a woman today simply because Ashley Judd compared our current president to Hitler. Hitler was Satan’s instrument and he murdered over 6 million Jews, and they don’t actually know the actual count because this genocide took place over four years. So until Trump starts experimenting on pregnant women, the disabled, the LGBT community, those who he deems as “traitors”, innocent people just living in towns who don’t have to identify as anything, and those who helped the Jews who were in hiding, don’t call him Hitler. He is no Hitler and I pray that we will never see another Hitler on this earth. It’s not even an insult to call someone Hitler, it’s a disgrace and one of the worst things you could ever do. Hitler just didn’t make remarks about grabbing women by the pussy, he did more than that. He starved them to death in work camps and then burned their bodies in incinerators. Those who couldn’t work were given a “shower” and then their bodies were incinerated. Watch Schindler’s List and then tell me that Trump is Hitler. Tell me that having the right to have an abortion taken away is the same as being stripped naked, having your head shaved and then forced to do hard labor until you die of starvation, neglect, the elements, or your body just gives up. Tell me that having your child ripped from your arms, while you watch helplessly is the same as having to hear about “Locker Room Talk”. Tell me that having a white male racist president is the same as having your country invaded with no help from a very noble country who since then has been in everybody’s business no doubt making up for the fact that they refused to enter the war until their personal soil was attacked even though they knew Germany invading Poland was wrong. Tell me that America electing Donald Trump is the same as Germany invading most of Europe, killing millions of people, forcing other countries to round up their own Jews and put them in Ghettos (talking to you France), doing unspeakable experiments on human beings, sending people to specific certain camps where death was the only outcome, invading people’s homes dragging them out into the streets and shooting them, and then continuing to oppress people after the war until well into the 1990’s (Oh wait that was Russia, whom no matter what anybody says, still hates the USA no matter how buddy buddy Donald Trump is with Putin).

When Donald Trump has proven himself to be as horrible as Hitler was, then you can call him Hitler but until then just shut the hell up Ashley Judd.

I’m proud of you women marching on Washington but Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t need to threaten to blow up the white house or compare JFK to Hitler to get rights for African¬†Americans. He believed in the power of the people and peaceful protest. He had a dream and he fought for it but he didn’t have to call people names or threaten acts of violence to achieve his dream. March on Washington and show Trump that his remarks have landed him in the dog house but don’t endorse celebrities who condone acts of violence. Take a note from Hitler, violence doesn’t get you anywhere and eventually will lead to your suicide and the death of millions of innocents.

You don’t need violence to change this country, you need marches on Washington. Keep marching ladies because that is what America is about. The freedom to march and let your president know that you will not sit back and watch, instead you will get out, done pink hats and let him know that women have come a long way since 1920.