The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern


TheNightCircus.jpgYou notice it first when exploring the countless shelves at your local bookstore. A simple black and white cover with a splash of red on the front. The Night Circus. The title is intriguing and you buy it on a whim. As you are settling into bed that night you grab this book to read just one chapter and find yourself still awake at three am because the circus kept you up.

From the first sentence this book draws the reader into a world where black and white are not black and white. Where every turn of the circus leads to more questions and every tent holds a different answer. The reader starts out as simply a spectator of the circus, then grow into a reverie and then you find yourself becoming a part of the circus.

If you have ever found yourself lying awake at night wondering how circuses simply appear and disappear without warning then you will find yourself reaching for a copy of the Night Circus. It’s not only the story of the circus but those who live and breathe the circus life. What’s a circus without a little magic and what is a little magic without wonder and amazement.

Lyrical, musical, mystical and complete in it’s story. The Night Circus is a tale for all ages and a breathe of fresh air for those who are missing the magic in their lives. A world where anything is possible and yet everything is impossible. A tale of a place and people that you miss when you are done and long to see long after the story has ended.


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