The Lost World by Michael Crichton



I bought a double copy of Jurassic Park and The Lost World for Christmas and just now finally read The Lost World. I didn’t know what to expect but I knew I was in for a treat because I loved Jurassic Park and man eating dinosaurs. I must say the intensity of Lost World was not as high as Jurassic Park but the concept behind both books and the explanation of the science was as always incredible. I must say being a Christian I don’t agree with most of the theories presented in this book but the idea of an extinct animal coming back and not really knowing how to function in a world that has changed so dramatically since the animal was alive is something I agree with. I think if the dinosaurs were brought back to life somehow we would not know how to handle them and could have another potential Jurassic Park disaster on our hands.

One interesting thing I noticed was one of the dinosaurs in Lost World is eerily similar to a dinosaur on Jurassic World, the movie. It’s a nice tie in for me because Jurassic World really isn’t based on the books-it’s just a continuation of a really good concept. This helped connect the book for me to the latest movie.

That being said I really liked the concept behind this book but in my personal opinion the action was lacking a little and that may be because there were fewer characters to get eaten by dinosaurs.

This story is a rescue mission for a certain Dr. Levine who thinks he has discovered a “Lost World”- a place where the dinosaurs weren’t wiped out and have continued to flourish. Unfortunately what he has discovered is Site B of the InGen project. Site B is where the dinosaurs were genetically created and hatched. They were then sent to the main island Site A where the park was. Dr. Levine decides to go to the island all by himself and has to be rescued by Dr. Ian Malcolm, Sarah Harding (Ian’s somewhat girlfriend), two middle school students of Dr. Levine and two engineers who designed the equipment that Levine was going to use to study the dinosaurs. As usual everything goes wrong, people get eaten and the main characters manage to escape alive.

These books are more than just about dinosaurs but more about a theory-what would happen if dinosaurs were brought back. It is interestingly explored through these stories and of course it ends in disaster because these are creatures who lived a long time ago and went extinct for a reason. Why should we bring them back?


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