Daily Create #29

#tdc1571 Write a fictional backstory for a death reported by @DeathMedieval

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 8.43.48 PM.png

Found this in the archives of Twitter and thought it was perfect.


Thomas knew he shouldn’t be wondering near the pool. It was cursed. Despite that fact he was drawn to the pool like a moth is drawn to light. He normally wasn’t even allowed to wonder on his own but his tutor had put himself to sleep with a bottle of gin, his mother was dead and his father was too busy with the estate to notice Thomas. He started wondering around the pool because it was so close to his home and the mill where the miller’s daughter worked. She came every morning with her father to work the mill and despite the fact she and Thomas had never spoken he was convinced she loved him. She was tall, thin with a pile of long black hair. It was constantly shimmering as if it was always wet but Thomas liked that about her hair. She was always smiling at him and for some reason her father, the miller never noticed. Thomas sometimes thought he acted like she didn’t exist at all.

It was dark that night in 1311 and Thomas was looking to be alone but when he got to the mill he found the miller’s daughter there crying. He had never spoken to her or touched her but when he saw her there so helpless he went to her and held her. She was soaking wet which Thomas thought was odd and he wondered if she had fallen in the marsh and almost drowned. It would explain her wet and hysterical state. He pulled her up and instead of walking toward the estate with him, she pulled him with her to the marsh’s edge. Out of the trees walked the most beautiful black horse Thomas had ever seen. The horse brayed at the girl and came to her when she stretched out her hand. Thomas stood as in a trance as the girl climbed onto the horses back and held out her hand to Thomas. He climbed up after her and together they rode the horse into the swampy waters never to be seen alive again.

Thomas’s body was found a week later face down in the swampy waters of Horspool. The official report was that he drowned but those that lived there new better. A kelpy haunted those waters and used the illusion of a young girl to lure it’s victims to their death.


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