Setting a Summer Reading Challenge #YaLit

I am always ambitious when it comes to summer reading. I pick out 10 or more books to take to camp with me. I have every intention of reading these books in the first three weeks and going home for more. If I am lucky I can get two read. It saddens me to think that another summer is going to go by with only two books read. I actually have set a reading goal for this summer. I got Nicholas Sparks’ newest novel See Me for Christmas and Hide and Seek by Wilkie Collins. I bought The Nigh Circus by Erin Morgenstern this semester and never read it. I also bought the Masque of the Red Death books which I never read. I really want to read Lost World by Michael Crichton this summer as well because I read Jurassic Park over Christmas break and never got around to reading the sequel. I am planning on buying Salt to the Sea by Ruta Septetys and The Winner’s Kiss by Marie Rutoski to read over the summer. I also purchased The Third Angel by Alice Hoffman, who by the way is my favorite author at the moment. I want to read Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe by Fannie Flag because I love the movie and my dad read it and told me it was great.




These are pretty lofty goals for one who claims she can only read two books over the summer. I figure though I am never going to read every book I want to. Some will probably sit on my shelves until I die and I will have never read them. This sounds terribly depressing but it gives something to look forward to. Every day I can wake up and think today is the day I will read The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath (started reading them back in October only got probably ten pages in). If I didn’t have a TBR list I don’t think I would read. I love goals! I mean I LOVE goals! It gives me something to do and look forward to.

I also started the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge even though I am not very far. I must say I am eternally thankful for taking Adolescent Lit. because my reading goal on Goodreads is 50 books and I have read 31! I usually don’t finish or barely get 50. I think I have read more in this class than I have read since my sophomore year of high school. It feels great and I feel like I have gotten back into YA lit. and can actually recommend books to people that aren’t ten years old.

The number one challenge I face this summer to reading is camp. I am working as a counselor at Christian summer camp and I am so busy all week at the end of the week I just want to sleep and watch Netflix. The three books I must read before the end of the summer are See Me, The Night Circus, and Hide and Seek. If I could squeeze in a Shakespeare play that would great but we’ll see. I am going to stay up on Goodreads this summer and Book Riot always has great articles highlighting new and old books. I am just ready for summer nights and campfires :).


6 thoughts on “Setting a Summer Reading Challenge #YaLit

  1. I am so beyond jealous. I want to be counselor and that is what I am going to school for. That will be such a great job getting to help others! It will however be challenging to get all our reading in. Good luck!


  2. When did you buy The Night Circus? Because it is currently on the free bookshelf outside the English offices if you want to pick up an extra copy for a friend or family member if you end up liking it.


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