Creating a Poster Using Canva #DigLit

I’ve created info graphs in the past using Easel for a technology class so I really didn’t want to create another info graph for my ILP. Since my ILP focuses on art and artists I wanted to create a poster that highlights one of my favorite artists and the first painting I studied by them. TAG.png

I really like this painting because this was the first René Magritte painting I studied in art history. We were discussing the theory behind the saying “This is not a pipe” because it is technically a painting of a pipe, not an actual pipe. This was an idea that stemmed from Dada over into Surrealism.

I chose Canva because I wanted to create a poster. I skipped the tutorial because I don’t like following tutorials. I would rather try to figure it out on my own and if I can’t figure it out I then go back and look at the tutorial or the help button. It wasn’t hard to figure out because everything was labeled and it was really easy to upload your own image. It’s best to upload the image first and then add the embellishments because it stacks the images. I added the price tag first and then added the painting and the painting was over the price tag instead of the other way around. It was challenging moving through the different things you could add because the internet was really slow and then my window was too small. It was mostly just small stuff but enough to annoy me.

I love posters and finding a way to display information in a crafty informational way that appeals visually. I am a visual learner so I am all about cool posters. It’s hard to create posters on word or powerpoint so I love finding websites that you can create posters, info graphs, etc. for free. I am all about the free stuff! The technology class I am in, part of the lesson I am creating involves my students making an info graph and it is so fun. This is a link to a Hobbit Info graph I made for the class. It was a lot of fun to make and very easy.

For students who are visual learners like me, posters are great and it helps those who need to work on their creativity.


9 thoughts on “Creating a Poster Using Canva #DigLit

  1. “I skipped the tutorial because I don’t like following tutorials.” <<LOL Totally understand the feeling. I started using picmonkey years ago and there are tons of things you can do on there, too. Friends keep mentioning "amazing picmonkey tutorials" on Youtube, but I often find myself wasting more time clicking around forever, figuring out how to do what I want to do. Then I own it. Right? 😉 Great poster, btw!


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