Why the Struggle is real when it Comes to Podcasts #DigLit

I struggle when it comes to listening to something. I am so easily distracted by everything going on around me that in order to sit down and listen to something I have to be doing something else at the same time. For this reason I have never gotten into podcasts or audio books. The only time I can listen to audiobooks is when I am in the car and even then I tend to space out. I have found a great outlet for my distractedness and I am excited to try it out when listening to Serial. I find that when I am cross stitching I can concentrate better to what I am listening because my hands are occupied.


I am super pumped to start listening to the podcast Serial because Pandora advertised it when it first came out. I told myself I didn’t have time plus I have never really been into Podcasts but I found some interesting podcasts from Story Telling Podcasts that I am excited to listen to when school is over. I really don’t have the time right now to dedicate to listening, but I have decided that when I want to watch Netflix I am going to listen to a podcast instead (hopefully this works:).

I loved reading the article What Teens are Learning From “Serial” and Other Podcasts. It was so great to hear about students getting so involved with something at school. These students definitely saw listening to Serial as pleasure, not work and that is the attitude all students should have toward school. School should be fun and interesting and make you want to skip lunch to participate (ok maybe skipping lunch is bad but the idea of getting students excited is amazing sounding). It is a definite that I want to listen to a podcast in my classroom someday. Maybe Serial or maybe something else but I love the idea of listening to a podcast weekly and creating a lesson out of it. I will get my students involved in the choice because I don’t want to subject them to something they hate listening to. It would be just like required reading. They would hate it and get nothing accomplished.

I really enjoyed listening to the digital stories that I did because all three were something I was interested in. Digital stories are great especially for those kids who would rather tell their story verbally rather than writing it down. I am reminded of the time that my Uncle asked his in-laws (my Grandparents) their story. My dad recorded it and I am forever grateful for that because my Grandpa has passed away since then and my Grandmother is in the care home with Alzheimers. I have their story, not on paper but them actually telling it with my Uncle asking questions. My dad created a digital story for his sister-in-law (my aunt) of home videos of her kids. My aunt and uncle didn’t have a tape recorder when their kids were little but my parents did so whenever we got together my dad would record all of us cousins. He put together a video collage of my cousins for their parents to have. Digital stories incorporate voice and picture and are much more interactive than reading a piece of paper.

Biggest takeaways:

  1. Listen to more podcasts and make the time to listen just like I make the time to watch Netflix :).
  2. Use podcasts and digital storytelling in the classroom. Digital storytelling gives my students a voice and podcasts give them something to look forward to.

7 thoughts on “Why the Struggle is real when it Comes to Podcasts #DigLit

  1. I honestly felt very productive when listening to podcasts the past week. I found that if I’m doing a chore that I normally do on autopilot, like dishes or laundry or sweeping/mopping, it makes the time spent more enjoyable. I even listened to Serial on the treadmill the other day, and it made my run go faster too!


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