Learning to Unplug #DigLit

I didn’t have a phone until I graduated high school and then it took me only one year to buy an iPhone. I desperately wanted an iPhone and now that I have it I question if it really was worth the money and the monthly bill.

How could you not have a phone?! Well let me tell you it wasn’t easy. I wouldn’t have gotten left at a basketball game and had to go home with a friend until my mom was done with her meeting so she could come pick me up (did I also mention I didn’t have a car until second semester of my freshman year of college). It wasn’t easy living without a cellphone or a car but I survived and personally I think I am the better for it. I didn’t get caught up in the Snapchat or Instagram craze (for the record I have a Snapchat but I do not snapchat. I only reply to snapchats people send to me. I also have a Instagram account but I never posted anything so I deleted the app and I have no idea what my login information is) and I learned to not post to Facebook every day. I also didn’t have a Twitter which is a fact I was proud of until I had to get one for my Digital Literacy class and  my Adolescent Literature (either way I had to get one).

I don’t really use technology. I rarely post to Facebook and usually it is some kind of big life event so relatives or friends who live in other states can get a life update. I mostly check FB for pictures of my cousins kids because they have some adorable children. Also my friends are at the stage in life where they are having kids. I used to laugh at pictures like this but now I have become that person.


I’m going to be honest once my classes are over I’m probably not going to check Twitter at all or tweet because social media isn’t a big deal to me. Pinterest is a big deal to me and I know that I waste time on Pinterest but unlike feeling bad about using Facebook , I feel relaxed and happy after looking at Pinterest. I really love Pinterest, except for one thing: SPOILERS! I watch all my TV shows on Netflix because I hate regular TV. All my tv shows usually take about a year after airing on regular TV to come to Netflix and by then Pinterest is exploding with spoilers especially about a certain Walking Dead couple that wasn’t a couple in the last season. GRRRR!!!

I really agree with Paul Miller in his TED talk below that there needs to be a balance. I don’t think all social media is bad because without it I wouldn’t be able to see pictures of friends from my old high school and their adorable children. I wouldn’t have found awesome book recommendations and without Pinterest I wouldn’t have learned to love my   Introverted Self.

I think as a society we have become addicted to our phones and they have become our safety net. Over spring break I was having problems with my phones internet connection so for about two weeks I was without internet and found myself relying on wifi. I thought it was going to be awful and couldn’t wait to figure out what was wrong with my phone and fix it, but I ended up having one of the best weeks of my life. I just relaxed and didn’t worry because I knew there was nothing I could do. I learned to let go of technology and it was really relaxing. I got my phone fixed, but I find that I really do not use my phone’s internet capabilities that much. I tend to still only use it when I have wifi and just put it aside when I don’t. Sometimes I even forget I have a phone, and when I check it I have a thousand notifications and at least one text message from someone delivered three hours earlier.

I think I could turn of FB, Pinterest, Twitter and maybe Netflix (I don’t know why I said maybe because I know I would break down in the first 12 hours) for several weeks, but my one guilty pleasure that I know I could not do without is Dragonvale. It is a really stupid game that I have, but I think everyone needs a guilty pleasure :).

This summer I am working at a bible camp and one of the new rules is no cell phones and while it kinda freaks me out I am actually looking to unplugging for the summer.


3 thoughts on “Learning to Unplug #DigLit

  1. That is good that you can unplug from your phone and you got to experience such a good week without it. I think that it is good to not have your phone sometimes and to make those memories. I love to go camping and be unplugged from my phone for awhile. I think our generation would probably die without a cell phone or social media. It would be cool to see what would happen if we went without Internet for a couple days.


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