How your digital life can be a tattoo #DigLit

This post is a little late but I have a had a crazy last two weeks. Just a little update on my life, I got back from spring break and then my brother came to visit for his spring break to go apartment shopping. He is coming to Chadron this summer to start working toward his teaching degree and we are going to get an apartment together with a friend of mine.

I did google myself last week and I wasn’t surprised to see myself on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest but I was surprised to see my Etsy account pop up. I guess I always considered it like an account on Amazon or any other website where you buy stuff. I didn’t think it would be considered public considering I don’t have a shop just an account. It just goes to show that you really don’t know where you are leaving digital footprints. This is one reason I didn’t want a Twitter because I didn’t want another social media account to be accountable for. It was really helpful to watch 140 characters of Kindness because even after having a twitter for three months now I was still a little cynical.

I learned that Twitter can be much more than another social media account. It can be a place to build relationships and learn from other people. I still need to be careful what I post and keep it professional but I don’t need to be afraid of social media.

I also watched a Ted Talk about how our digital lives are like a tattoo-permanent and sometimes a mistake. Social media immortalizes us on the internet which is somewhat of a scary thought.

It’s important to be aware of what we are putting on the internet because it can be traced back to us. Future employers will look at your social media accounts so be aware of what you are saying on your accounts. It’s alright to want to share about your life and build relationships through social media but social media should not become your online diary. Use social media as a tool to build your PLN but not as a way to let people know what you ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner.



3 thoughts on “How your digital life can be a tattoo #DigLit

  1. Social medias can be utilized for great educational experiences, but you are right, they can also be traced back to you. So be careful what you say and visually display on your sights. This is also a lesson that all students need to learn at a young age, before high school. I have fourth graders with Facebook pages and helping me run Twitter. They know how to post pictures, comments, tag friends, etc. But they don’t understand the effects of what they put online yet. Super important for all to know!


  2. You had me from the title, very catchy. I liked the information and videos that you included. So often I think about what I am posting or commenting because I am more afraid of social media than anything. Heck, I only post of Facebook once in a blue moon. These videos were really helpful.


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