Taking time to reflect #DigLit


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I love silence. I don’t mean the absence of people talking. I mean the absence of all kinds of noise. My favorite moments are the moments where I am sitting alone in my house and reading in silence. The idea that I have no where to go, nothing to do and no one to interrupt me is divine. It’s in those moments when I have just finished my book that I can truly reflect on what I just read. Reflection should be an important part of anyone’s day and for any activity. I enjoy reflecting over a newly finished novel and some people enjoy reflecting over the newspaper whilst they sip their coffee. By taking ten to fifteen minutes out of our day to simply reflect upon what has happened can lead to new insights.

I am currently taking a course called Digital Literacy hence the hashtags and I have been asked to reflect upon my learning. I don’t wish to brag but I am a good dedicated college student, that being said if I don’t find the class interesting  I tend to just get the grade and not really learn anything. I have to admit I thought this class was going to be one of those classes. Learn enough technology to pass and move on. This simply isn’t the case. Every single week I have learned something new in this class and it has been great. I never had a Twitter before this class because I didn’t want one. I don’t really use social media at all. I may occasionally post updates to Facebook but other than that I wasn’t very interested in the digital world. I am more of a paper girl. I never expected Twitter to be so much fun and so engaging. I still don’t really post my own tweets (other than required for this class) but I am learning that Twitter can be more than just a social media site where I can post pictures of cats. It’s a way to connect with other people and learn from them. I love following Education boards on Pinterest and I love following Educators on Twitter. I even got to reconnect with one of my former high school teachers over Twitter!

I am learning a lot in this class but I find myself sometimes just getting the grade. Tweeting the required tweets instead of making my own. Blogging just the required prompts and doing just enough research to get by. I admit my effort could be better. In fact I want it to be better because I am enjoying this class way more than I thought I would. This class may be a lot of work but without it I probably would have never gotten a twitter, had a random stranger comment on my blog post :), made a vine, research Surrealist artists, find new people to follow on Twitter and the list goes on. I’m thankful and grateful I could take this class and have such an awesome instructor who makes me go out of my comfort zone and learn something new.


8 thoughts on “Taking time to reflect #DigLit

  1. I agree that my effort could be better as well, I enjoy the feedback that I get from others and do believe if I give more effort next half that I will do even better and learn even more! Good job this half for you!


  2. You’re so right, reflection really should be a daily activity. I appreciate reading your thoughts. We can always find ways to improve ourselves and make the most of our time.


  3. I love reading your posts. You have such good insight, and to be honest I always look for your posts first when I am doing my commenting for the week. I agree that I have caught myself just getting the grade a few times during this class. Usually that wouldn’t faze me, but I really do enjoy the things we are learning, so I want to devote some more time to this class.
    It is difficult to juggle everything, and with a large course load I find myself just trying to get by most of the time. It is a breath of fresh air to find a class that really sparks my interest.


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