What is #ds106? #DigLit

What is the hashtag ds106? What is DS106? For the official definition I would recommend going to the ds106’s  About Page. My definition is this: a way to digitally put your ideas out there.

DS106 started out as a class project and turned into a global project that anyone can participate in. DS106 promote a daily challenge similar to the some 30 day challenges that I have seen. My cousin’s wife is currently doing a 30 day challenge of posting works of art she created to Facebook. I tried doing a photography 30 day challenge once on Facebook but I didn’t make it.


Photo cc of ds106.us

I really like the diversity of this daily challenge because it’s every day, you can participate whenever you want and quit whenever you want, and every challenge incorporates some kind of technology. It’s a great way to learn new technology and get out of one’s comfort zone. I am most comfortable with pictures and writing assignments but I am excited to participate in other categories such as audio or video because I have never explored that kind of technology. I have made one terrible movie on iMovie and used other websites such animoto.com to make videos for fun, but I have never been serious about creating a digital footprint.

You are not limited to the daily challenge either. There is an Assignment Bank, where you can go to look at past assignments or make your own.

You can participate in these challenges on Twitter, Soundcloud, Flickr or on you blog (you need to register your blog first so that the ds106 can feature your challenges on their website.

This is a great course (yes, it is technically a college course but you can participate without being the class), that can utilized for just the individual or for a classroom.

I am going to participate in the daily challenge for thirty days starting March 1st. I already know this is going to be hard for me to do everyday because even though these challenges are relatively short I have a lot of other homework to do. I am not going to let that deter me I just need to be serious about participating everyday and seeing this as an assignment and a fun 30 day challenge.

6 thoughts on “What is #ds106? #DigLit

  1. I really did like finding that ds106 is truly its own community. I watched a few videos, and past students were saying how easy it always was to find someone to help you if you were lost on how to do something! I think that is really important in a course like this, because without help I know I would get frustrated and end up dropping it!

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