Reading Response #yalitclass

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After reading Fan Girl I had to reach out to Rainbow Rowell because it has been a long time since I have read a book where I connect with the main character on a level that is more than just reader/character.


4 thoughts on “Reading Response #yalitclass

  1. I haven’t read Fan Girl yet. I am glad you had a great connection to the main character. Those connections are what help us to remember and relate to stories! I enjoyed Eleanor and Park, so I’m sure I will enjoy this as well! I will have to put it on my To Be Read list. Thanks!


    1. It’s about a girl named Michelle whose mom kicks her out of the house. She decides to go to New York City to find her friend but instead she finds Devon. Devon befriends her but it turns out he is a pimp and all he wants to do is use her. It was a tough read but I really wish there were more books like this out there because this is a bigger issue than people realize.


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