PLN-what is it? #DigLit

This week I was faced with the daunting task of developing a PLN. At least I thought it was daunting until I started doing some research and creating a PLN. PLN stands for Personal Learning Network. After some more study and reading of blogs I have come to the conclusion that a PLN is an online community where like-minded people get together, share ideas and grow in their understanding of a particular subject or field.

I originally thought about doing something with writers but then I realized my first passion is teaching and kids and so I stuck with teaching. Next I had to find educators to follow on Twitter and find some blogs to follow. That wasn’t easy either and I am still in the process of finding people to follow on Twitter and interesting blogs to follow.

I found quite a few lists of educators to follow and it took some time to read through and check the educators out on Twitter but in the end I found some interesting people to follow. I am trying to focus on English Language Arts teachers and educational organizations. I also found some interesting blogs by English education teachers that I am excited to start reading.

It started out as a daunting task but one that I am now excited about!

Happy Valentine’s Day




10 thoughts on “PLN-what is it? #DigLit

  1. PLN kind of scared me at first because I thought we would have to be making educational videos teaching people around the world. But it didn’t end up being that. I think that it is going to be good for everyone to get their ideas out there, and for you to gain some really great ideas. Did you have trouble finding many educators on twitter? I found a ton!


      1. Yes! I love when I see other educators following me. It makes me feel good they are hopefully interested in what I have to say about learning.


  2. Did you find it hard to find enough twitter accounts to follow? I’m very picky, so maybe it was just me, but I had a really difficult time finding the right accounts to follow.


  3. It does seem daunting, at first. But once you commit to a little time each day, it begins to grow and be useful. You’ll probably switch out different accounts/blogs you follow each week–some may seem useful now, but won’t be later, etc. It’s just part of the process. I’m very glad to hear your network is growing. 😀


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