Reading Response: Quotation Journal #YALit

This week I chose to do a quotation journal because the book I read is a mystery and I thought it would be interesting to record my thoughts as I unraveled the mystery. I read Woundabout by Lev Rosen. Interesting story about this book: my mom’s cousin is a librarian at the University of Alabama and she goes to these book conferences where she gets Advanced Reader’s Copies of books. She normally gives them to her niece but if her niece doesn’t want them, she gives to them. That is how I ended up with a copy of Woundabout. I kept putting off reading it but decided since it was ages 8-12 I should read it for my class. It was my hangover cure for my book hangover from Rebel Angels.

Quotation Response
“They heard their dad say to their pop that they couldn’t go visit Aunt Marigold, because she lived in a weird little town and no one would be friendly there. The town was called Woundabout.” I had already read the book teaser on the back of the book so I knew Woundabout was a strange town but I thought it strange that they never visited. It made me wonder why nobody was friendly and why they couldn’t go visit.
“He [Connor] struck the match to light the candle. Nothing happened. He struck it again. Still nothing.”


I knew from reading the back of the book that there was a special crank that did something to the town but I was completely puzzled by the match not lighting. I thought what is going on in this town that matches don’t light? I thought it maybe had something to do with the crank, or the mayor was somehow preventing fire.
“Cordelia would have said it was like a blurry photo of her house, and Connor would have it was like a house with the same outline but different design.” I came across a lot of these similes and they are super neat. Cordelia is into cameras and Connor loves architecture. It allows the reader a glimpse into their worlds.
“But it wasn’t a story, and endings don’t really happen, because an ending means everything stayed the same forever, and the children knew now they didn’t want that.” This was the last sentence in the book and I wanted to include it because it summed up the whole book. The book starts out with a big change that isn’t good but as the children learn throughout the book that change is necessary whether it is good or bad.

Do stories really end? I don’t know if I would agree with that I do agree that everything should not stay the same forever. Change is good.

It is such a fun book that deals with two heavy issues-loss and change. It is told through the perspective of children which makes it relatable to kids. I personally think it might be for older kids, such as middle school but I think younger kids could handle it-maybe as a read aloud.




13 thoughts on “Reading Response: Quotation Journal #YALit

  1. I am so jealous that you like to read. I have tried to get into reading and I can never focus enough. I’m always so busy with way too much on my mind! But, that must be great to read, and get away for awhile. This book looks very interesting, I actually took interest just reading the few bits you posted. I might have to give it a try sometime. Great post!


  2. I love this approach to your post this week!
    I have never seen a quotation response before, and I think it is a really cool concept.
    I may have to use this idea sometime!
    Thanks for introducing me to something new(:


      1. I could totally relate to that. When I start a new book I really lose myself in it, and I don’t stop until I’m done!


  3. I LOVED how you did the quotation response journal for your blog. I’m doing one for Clockwork Angel – which I am reading now. Thanks for the ideas.
    Also, ARCs are amazing. Is this book published now though? It seems really interesting. How intense is it? I know you said that it is probably for middle grades or higher Without giving spoilers, can you give me an idea about themes and content?
    Adding it to my TBR list now! Thanks for sharing.


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