Penny for Your Thoughts #YA Lit Class

This isn’t my required blog for the week just something that has been on my mind and I wanted to share. I came across this quote the other day on Pinterest and it really stuck with me.


Books impact different people differently. That is just simply magical in my mind. I could hate a book that changed someone else’s life and vice versa. Reading a book is a different experience for every person that reads that book. It may be the same story, same words, same characters, but the way we read it will always be different. The way we interpret the characters actions, speech, appearance will be different for every single person. Characters names probably even get pronounced differently!

It really is like stepping into our own individual worlds because no one book will ever be read the same. Every time you open a book it is your own magical experience that can be shared with someone but never experienced with them. Readers can get together and discuss how the book made them feel but each experience and feeling will never be exactly the same. It’s a mind blowing concept for me that I just had to share with the world.


9 thoughts on “Penny for Your Thoughts #YA Lit Class

  1. Wow! What an awesome concept! You are so right, and that is something I haven’t ever thought of before. When I think about it though, my mood greatly effects the way I interpret a book! If I am sad or frustrated, I take on a pessimistic attitude when I read and vise-versa!
    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Your comment about moods reminded me of a time when I was sick. I thought if I read a book I might feel better but it was such a bad idea. I ended up not finishing the book because I ended up associating my sick feeling with reading the book. Moods do effect the way we read.


  2. It’s a novel idea. No one’s going to take away the same things from the same book because we’re not the same kind of readers. I keep this in mind when designing mini-lessons about the “interpretation” of texts.


  3. This is absolutely true! It’s a great reason for why we participate in the book clubs. We get to learn from others and bring our own personal experiences into our learnings. It makes reading a story a multi-perspective learning experience. Thank you for sharing this quote!


  4. This will never cease to amaze me! Each of us has a past and a present so why would you read something the same as me when we are different people, and some people don’t understand that. I have heard the words “You didn’t like that book, well then we can’t be friends” in a joking manner of course. Behind the joke was the idea that the book should have meant more when it didn’t. And that is okay! Thanks for sharing!


    1. I always felt like I was on the receiving end of that joke because I enjoyed reading Jane Austen in high school while everyone was still reading Twilight. My friends thought I was a little strange but thankfully they didn’t disown me. I eventually got caught up in the whole vampire movement despite my best efforts :).


  5. This is such an important point. If we really think about our experiences as readers with books outside of school, we know this. It’s common sense. But then we get inside of school, and common sense flies out the window!


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