Art that is made of Chocolate and Glass #diglitclass

This week I was asked to chose a TED talks video, watch it and then reflect.

I chose to watch a playlist of seven videos called Art made of unusual stuff. I chose this not only because the title caught my eye but because in another life I would have loved to have been an art teacher (I seriously mean another life because I can’t draw, paint, or anything an art teacher should be able to do). I love creativity and finding a new way to express oneself which is exactly what these artists have done. I recommend watching all of the videos but especially my favorite one whose description I left blank-no spoilers.

When I started watching these videos I didn’t know what to expect because since taking an Art History course I have become somewhat of a skeptic of modern art. That said these artists blew me away because they simply reinvented the way people look at art. They hacked art and I love it!

The first Ted talk is about artist Vic Muniz an artist who creates beautiful images out of string, cotton, sugar, chocolate, wire, and much more. It is incredible and so are the stories behind his works, especially the story about the sugar children.

Next we come to my favorite talk so watch and enjoy:

We are then taken on Alexa Meade’s journey from law school to painting every day objects to look like images from a canvas come to life before our very eyes.

Meklit Hadero may not make what we think of conventional art but music and sounds are the natural art of this world and something about her voice is equally musical.

Lui Bolin, known as the invisible man not only talks about his art but the history and context behind art that is about China.

Nathalie Miebach’s talk was my second favorite because this incredible woman creates art out storm patterns and the frequencies of storms. It is a short talk but such an incredible artistic story is told in those four minutes.

Last but not least Dustin Yellin gives his talk. I will admit he is a bit eccentric but isn’t everyone? He is a great example of a man who is hacking his way through life and creating incredibly talented original art along the way.

For all those critics of modern art, and I can say this because I am a huge critic of modern art, this is what modern art is about. It is about breaking convention and making something that is beautiful and full of imagination. My definition of art is this: creating something original and beautiful out of the talent we are given. For some of these artists that is paint, others chocolate, or even storms, but that is their God given talent and they are using it to create masterpieces.



6 thoughts on “Art that is made of Chocolate and Glass #diglitclass

  1. To think that people can make amazing art out of string and sugar, and I can’t even draw a decent apple with a pencil really amazes me! I didn’t even notice this playlist at first, so I’m so glad you shared! I would not classify myself as an art enthusiast by any means, but these talks were so interesting to me!
    Thanks for the read(:


  2. Wow @ Brian Dettmer’s book art. That was amazing! I appreciated how focus on the book being a living thing that he re-makes. Wouldn’t you love to see a time-lapse video on his projects? I kept looking at them and thinking, “How in the WORLD does he excavate out those specific words and images? Does he find them before he hardens the book? How does he know what it will look like?” Soooo many questions. Thanks for sharing!


    1. The whole time I was watching the video I was thinking how in the world does he do this and not cut away something that he wants and how everything comes together to create this beautiful picture. I normally do not approve of the destruction of books but honestly there are some books that serve a better purpose as a work of art than a book.


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